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What you need to know

Rediscover the sounds of life that you deserve!
Do not ruin your existence because of a hearing problem.
With Agisson, regain your hearing and communication will become easier!

The ear is a particularly fragile organ.  It is very important to act upon the first signs of hearing deterioration, as this is a natural phenomenon which occurs due to wearing off our auditory organs: we progressively loose the perception of high pitch sounds. These sounds allow us to understand words.  The origins of this deficiency are not always clearly identified (aging, hereditary, hearing trauma, etc.), however what is sure is that if we leave the situation deteriorate, the risk of isolation can increase gradually.

To deny the importance of sounds is to deny verbal communication as a whole. Improving your hearing, is primarily improving your overall understanding and hence your interactions with others and regaining your place in society. A better hearing impacts our general mood, as well as having a positive effect on our memory, as it has scientifically been proven.