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Hearing Aids

For your information, some of our hearing aids are compatible with Bluetooth ® wireless technology. That allows you to transmit the signal directly into your hearing aid from your TV, phone or other audio sources, like never before.

The cordless listening system / Wireless Headphones

Cordless listening systems enable assisted listening anywhere, without the need for cables and without disturbing others. Furthermore, if you are in a theater or a concert hall equipped for infrared transmission, you can adjust the volume on the receiver to suit your individual taste – allowing you to enjoy the event with optimum sound quality.


Make your life simpler. Phones shouldn’t be difficult to hear or use any more. Today, there are many different solutions for people with hearing loss, or for people who want to have an easy to use piece of equipment - amplified sounds, incoming call alert systems with light and/or vibration, programmable keys, ergonomic and easy to use designs, as well as adapters for your existing phone systems.

Alarm Systems

There are lots of types of different alarm systems, doorbell, incoming calls, alarm clocks and others.


Properly chosen batteries will not just last longer, but will ensure better functioning of your equipment.

Cleaning Products

Agisson offers a wide range of cleaning products/cleaning kits, specially designed for different systems and purposes.

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