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The cordless listening system / Wireless Headphones

Cordless listening systems enable assisted listening anywhere, without the need for cables and without disturbing others. Furthermore, if you are in a theater or a concert hall equipped for infrared transmission, you can adjust the volume on the receiver to suit your individual taste – allowing you to enjoy the event with optimum sound quality.  Most cordless listening systems / wireless headphones, can be directly connected to a TV, hi-fi system or radio. All models guarantee outstanding sound quality, and most of them thanks to adjustable sound settings, can be customized to the listener’s hearing. There are sets especially suited for those who wear hearing aids. The sound is transmitted from the receiver to the hearing aid via wireless induction. With its separately switchable microphone amplification, the receiver is just like reading glasses for your ears: speech becomes more understandable, making conversation easier. The activated microphones also improve your ability to perceive ambient noises such as the ringing of a telephone while watching TV.

Receivers are extremely lightweight and the ones containing headphones, are equipped with perfect-fitting ear-pads, offering maximum comfort when worn. Ergonomic controls and visual signals for the individual control processes mean that operation of these listening systems couldn’t be easier.